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Over the years, we have been hired by all types of commercial and residential pool owners to provide regular maintenance as well as service and repairs. We have dedicated specialists that get the routine maintenance right every time. This is important because the proper maintenance will make your equipment last longer and deliver better benefits for you, your customers and family.

We also have a full time team of pool and spa repair personnel that work on your pool equipment and plumbing. We have the experience you need when it comes to accurately troubleshooting your pool’s lighting, plumbing, heating or other functional problems. • We use the very best parts, material and equipment to get your pool or spa up and running and back it with a guaranteed warranty.

Allbrands Aquatics always do the work right — the first time!
Allbrands performs all pump repairs in house, in our own fully equipped workshop; we can pressure test, repair bearings and seals and as licensed electricians we can repair or replace the electronics. We repair Onga, DAB, Davey, Bianco, Southern Cross, Grundfos, Orange and ClayTech are just some of the brands we repair.

Most other pump issues are not repairable without electrical knowledge and it is illegal and dangerous to attempt to repair electronics without the correct license.


In-house - $50.00 inspection Fee

The quickest solution to a pump issue is to bring it in to Allbrands; we charge a $50 inspection fee that is deducted from the cost of repairs if you elect to have the pump repaired. After we have inspected the pump we will call you to advise you of the problem and the associated cost of repair.

Call-out - $88.00 Brisbane CBD area (more for outer Brisbane)

If you are unable to bring the pump in to Allbrands we charge an $88.00 call out fee for pumps that are not hard wired (they are plugged into a standard power point) or $95.00 for pumps that are hard wired, in addition to the $50 inspection fee.


Please advise Allbrands before we visit or begin work if your pump is still under warranty. Allbrands are warranty agents for Onga and many other brands and some call-outs, parts and / or labour may be covered by your warranty. You will need PROOF OF PURCHASE in order for us to proceed with work covered under warranty and it is your responsibility to provide this.

Types of Pumps.

Domestic & Household

Our expert knowledge on household pumps means we provide the perfect solutions for household water supply.

Suitable for all types of homes, our range of surface mounted and submersible pressure systems are ideal for 2 to 18 taps. With our variety of pressure systems, we are sure to have something that meets your family’s needs.

Rain Harvesting

Considering the fact that only 1% of water in the world is fresh, it is important to strive for as little wastage possible.

Today, with the use of a trustworthy tank and rainwater harvesting control system, we are able to take full advantage of free rainwater on a daily basis.

The Bianco Rainsaver is a useful device that automatically switches between tank water and the mains supply. It improves conservation of water and has a simple installation process. Each control is Watermark approved and comes with a 2 Year Infield Warranty.

The Bianco Rainsaver is Australian owned and designed and regardless of the type of tank you have, the Bianco Rainsaver is able to be mounted at any distance from the pump.

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