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ALLBRANDS supplies and services high capacity pumps and drainage equipment specifically for underground parking areas in commercial properties including high rise apartments, office blocks and shopping centres. The latest pumps are eco-friendly, using a fraction of the electricty of older pumps, and can save you thousands a year on your electricity bill.

Call us to have your current setup audited; let us explain how we can save you money while ensuring your tenant's vehicles remain safe over Brisbane's rainy summer.

Allbrands Aquatics offers a wide range of commercial pool service plans for your property. Whether you own or manage an apartment building, hotel or resort the pool is a valuable investment to the property. Your pool enhances the property value and tenant experience.

A poorly maintained pool can impact your customer's enjoyment and potential for new clients. Allbrands Aquatics will keep your swimming pool investment clean, maintained to code and giving the users safety and peace of mind.

Underground Parking

Allbrands specialises in the installation and maintenance of high capacity pumps for underground parking areas. Don't risk your tenant's vehicles by waiting until something goes wrong.

Public Pools

Allbrands repairs pool equipment for many of Brisbane's larger pool stores; our pool maintenance service will ensure your equipment is repaired quickly and at reasonable cost.

Ponds & Fountains

Irregular ponds and fountains are our specialty; using custom made equipment we can service your property quickly and with minimal inconvenience.

Maintenance & Repairs

As licensed electrical contractors with extensive commercial pump experience all repairs are done 'in house' in our fully equipped workshop.